Bricks Rate + Fly ash Bricks Price in Pakistan

Sr. No  BrandPrice/Brick
1k bricks
3K bricks price(PKR)
1.A class brick 1011717,00051,000
2.Awwal brick (machine-made)1616,00048,000
3.Awwal tile bricks(A-grade)1717,00051,000
4.B-grade brick( ii- brick)1414,00042,000
5.C-grade brick1212,00036,000
6.Khingar brick1510,00045,000
7.Fly Ash brick1818,00054,000
8.Rora90/ cubic ft.

Bricks are an essential building material used in construction projects throughout Pakistan. They provide structural integrity and durability to various types of structures, from residential homes to commercial buildings. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in eco-friendly alternatives such as fly ash bricks, which are known for their environmental benefits. This article aims to provide an overview of the current brick rates in Pakistan and highlight the prices of fly ash bricks.

City NamePrice/ 1 Fly Ash brickPrice/ 1000 Fly Ash brick
LahoreRs 15 – 17Rs 15000 – 17000
FaislabadRs 13 – 15Rs 13000 – 15000
Nankana SahibRs 13 – 15Rs 13000 – 15000
SheikhupuraRs 14 – 16Rs 14000 – 16000
MultanRs 13 – 15Rs 13000 – 15000
KarachiRs 16 – 18Rs 16000 – 18000
IslamabadRs 15 – 17Rs 15000 – 17000
PeshawarRs 14 – 16Rs 14000 – 16000
HyderabadRs 15 – 17Rs 15000 – 17000
GujranwalaRs 14 -16Rs 14000 – 16000

The prices of bricks in Pakistan can vary based on factors such as location, grade, and market conditions. It is advisable to consult local suppliers and construction material markets for the most accurate and up-to-date prices. Fly ash brick prices may also differ based on the city or region.

Fly Ash Bricks Price and Specifications:

Fly ash bricks have gained popularity due to their eco-friendly nature and remarkable strength. They are manufactured using a combination of fly ash, cement, sand, and water. Here are the specifications for fly ash bricks:

Length (mm)235 ± 5
Width (mm)115 ± 5
Depth/Height (mm)72 ±3
Compression Strength (When Dry)≥ 2000 PSI
Water Absorption< 20% (of dry weight)
Weight of Fly ash Brick3 – 3.2 kg

Regular Bricks Types and Specifications:

Regular bricks, available in different grades, remain a popular choice for construction purposes. They are known for their strength and versatility. Here are some commonly used regular brick types and their specifications:

  1. A class brick:
    • Standard size dimensions
    • Suitable for a wide range of construction projects
  2. Awwal brick (machine-made):
    • Manufactured using advanced machinery
    • Consistent size and shape
  3. Awwal tile bricks (A-grade):
    • Ideal for decorative purposes
    • Provides an aesthetic appeal to the structures
  4. B-grade brick (ii-brick):
    • Economical option for construction
    • Slightly lower in quality compared to A class bricks
  5. C-grade brick:
    • Budget-friendly choice for non-structural purposes
    • May have slight variations in size and shape
  6. Khingar brick:
    • Durable option suitable for heavy-duty applications
    • Offers enhanced strength and stability


The prices of bricks in Pakistan can vary depending on the type, grade, and location. Regular bricks are widely used in construction projects, while fly ash bricks offer an eco-friendly alternative with excellent strength characteristics. It is recommended to consult local suppliers or visit construction material markets to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date prices for bricks. Consider the specific requirements of your project and choose the type of brick that best suits your needs in terms of quality, affordability, and environmental impact.

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