Cement Block | Concrete Block

Sr. NoSize 
(in inches)
(in Pkr)
1.A1 (16”x8”x8”)400x200x200RS. 75
2.A2 (16”x6”x8”)400x127x200RS. 70
3.A3 (12”x5”x8”)400x127x200RS. 65
4.A4 (12”x4”x8”)400x101x200RS. 40
5.A5(16”x3”x8”)400x76x200RS 35
6.A6 (16x”2”x8”)400x50x200RS 30

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to renovate or a builder working on a new project, the type of blocks used is a crucial early decision that impacts the entire structure. With this in mind, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide sharing my expertise to help you select the ideal blocks.

Types of Blocks

I discussed the most popular block varieties in Pakistan including concrete, cement, sandstone etc. Shapes range from flat to round depending on the application. It’s also worth researching reputable local manufacturers.

Factors to Consider

Things like strength, durability, insulation, budget and intended use all sway the decision. For example, cement blocks are more durable but lack thermal insulation compared to bricks. Their upkeep also demands sealing against moisture.

Block Maintenance

No matter the material, all blocks require sealing and timely repairs to withstand our climate extremes. Regular inspections catch issues before they become costly problems.

Concluding Thoughts

With the right block selection and care, you can achieve structural integrity for decades. Feel free to contact me directly if any other questions come up during planning your project. Proper materials research upfront saves hassles down the road.

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