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Are you a residential, commercial, or industrial consumer in Pakistan and wondering about the current electricity tariff rates? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the details of electricity tariff structures and rates across different consumer categories in Pakistan.

Understanding the Electricity Tariff Structure in Pakistan

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is the governing body responsible for regulating the electricity sector in Pakistan. NEPRA sets the electricity tariff rates for various consumer categories, which include:

  • Residential (A1)
  • Commercial (A2)
  • General Services (A3)
  • Industrial (B)
  • Single Point Supply (C)
  • Agricultural (D)
  • Special Contracts (J)

Each consumer category has its own tariff structure, with fixed charges and variable charges per unit of electricity consumed.

Residential Electricity Tariff Rates (A1)

DescriptionFixed Charges (Rs./kW/M)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)Total Applicable Tariff (Rs./kWh)
Up to 50 Units2.002.00
01-100 Units7.367.36
101-200 Units9.689.68
201-300 Units11.7711.77
301-700 Units20.8220.82
Above 700 Units23.9223.92

Commercial Electricity Tariff Rates (A2)

DescriptionFixed Charges (Rs./kW/M)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)Total Applicable Tariff (Rs./kWh)
For peak load requirements of less than 5 kW20.6620.66
For peak load requirement exceeding 5 kW (Regular)40024.1424.14
Time of Use (TOU) – Peak26.0626.06
Time of Use (TOU) – Off-Peak40020.0920.09
Temporary Supply22.8522.85

Industrial Electricity Tariff Rates (B)

DescriptionFixed Charges (Rs./kW/M)Variable Charges (Rs./kWh)Total Applicable Tariff (Rs./kWh)
B1 Peak20.3020.30
B1 Off Peak17.7417.74
B2 – TOU (Peak)20.2420.24
B2 – TOU (Off-peak)40017.5317.53
Temporary Supply20.8220.82


Understanding the electricity tariff rates in Pakistan is crucial for consumers to manage their electricity consumption and budget accordingly. By referencing the comprehensive tariff structures provided by NEPRA, you can better understand the charges on your electricity bill and make informed decisions about your energy usage. If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local electricity distribution company or NEPRA.

1. How is the electricity tariff determined in Pakistan?

The electricity tariff in Pakistan is determined by NEPRA, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority. NEPRA sets the tariff rates for various consumer categories based on factors such as the cost of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.

2. Are there any additional charges or surcharges on the electricity bill?

Yes, in addition to the tariff rates, there are also FC Surcharge (Rs. 0.43/kWh) and NJ Surcharge (Rs. 0.10/kWh) applicable on all consumer categories except lifeline.

3. How can I understand my electricity bill?

Your electricity bill will clearly display the applicable tariff rates, fixed charges, variable charges, and any additional surcharges or adjustments. You can refer to the detailed tariff structure provided by NEPRA or your local electricity distribution company to understand the breakdown of your electricity bill.

4. Are there any special tariff rates for agricultural or residential consumers?

Yes, there are specific tariff categories for agricultural consumers (Tariff D) and residential consumers (Tariff A1). These categories have their own fixed and variable charges, which are often subsidized or lower compared to commercial and industrial consumers.

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