Fiber Door & Glass Door Price in Pakistan Latest Rates

When it comes to choosing the perfect door for your home or office in Pakistan, there are two popular options that you can consider: fiber doors and glass doors. Both types offer unique features and benefits, and understanding their prices can help you make an informed decision. In this article, we will explore the latest rates of fiber doors and glass doors in Pakistan, providing you with valuable insights to help you choose the right door for your needs.

Fiber Door Price in Pakistan

Fiber doors have gained popularity in recent years due to their durability and resistance to various environmental conditions. These doors are constructed using composite materials, combining glass fibers with intricately woven resin. The result is a strong and robust door that is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

To give you an idea of the current market rates, here is a comprehensive list of fiber door prices in Pakistan across major cities:

Price of Fiber Door in Lahore
360 Rs/sqft
2Cost of Fiber Foors in Faisalabad350 Rs/sqft
3Price of Fiber Door in Rawalpindi350 Rs/sqft
4Price of Fiber Doors in Karachi750 Rs/sqft
5Cost of Fiber Door in Peshawar450 Rs/sqft
6Cost of Fiber Door in Gujranwala350 Rs/sqft
7Price of Fiber Door in Islamabad550 Rs/sqft

Fiber Door For a Bathroom

If you are looking for a door for your bathroom, fiber doors are an excellent choice. They are specifically engineered to withstand high moisture and humidity levels typically found in bathrooms. The composite materials used in fiber doors make them highly resistant to water, rot, and warping, ensuring their longevity even in wet conditions. Additionally, fiber doors for bathrooms can be coated, sealed, or gasketed with water-resistant materials to prevent water damage.

Fiber Door For Bedroom

Fiber doors are also a great option for bedrooms. They provide exceptional durability, security, and aesthetic appeal. With various styles, finishes, and designs available, you can find a fiber door that complements your bedroom’s aesthetics and interior design theme. Additionally, fiber doors can offer features such as soundproofing capabilities, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment in your bedroom.

Advantages of Fiber Door

  • Exceptional durability: Fiber doors are built to last for decades, as they are made from solid materials and are highly resistant to warping, cracking, rotting, or rusting.
  • Waterproof: Fiber doors are designed for high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They are moisture-resistant, minimizing the risk of warping, rot, or mold growth.
  • Security unwavering: Fiberglass doors provide incredible strength and protection to your home or property, offering exceptional resistance to forced entry.
  • Energy-efficient innovations: Fiber doors have insulation properties, reducing heat or cold transfer between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them energy-efficient.
  • Hassle-free maintenance: Fiber doors require minimal upkeep compared to wooden or metal doors. They do not need regular painting or staining and are resistant to termites, rot, and corrosion.

Glass Door Prices in Pakistan

Glass doors are another popular choice for both residential and commercial applications. They offer a modern and stylish look while providing transparency and natural light flow. Glass doors come in a variety of designs, including framed, frameless, sliding, and folding options, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space.

Door glass nameSizePrice per square feet
Clear/transparent glass3mm126.04/-
Clear/transparent glass3.5mm134.07/-
Clear/transparent glass4mm150.47/-
Clear/transparent glass5mm150.87/-
Clear/transparent glass6mm203.03/-
Clear/transparent glass8mm283.51/-
Clear/transparent glass10mm380.04/-
Clear/transparent glass12mm449.58/-
Green glass5mm187.34/-
Green reflective5mm227.78/-
Brown reflective5mm227.78/-
Blue glass5mm175.92/-
Blue reflective5mm227.78/-
Wc green brow5mm163.04/-
Wc blue5mm159.20/-
Cc green brow5mm173.42/-
Cc blue5mm164.54/-


Choosing the right door for your space is an important decision that can greatly impact the overall look and functionality of your home or office. Both fiber doors and glass doors offer unique benefits, and understanding their prices in Pakistan can help you make an informed decision. Whether you opt for the durability and versatility of fiber doors or the modern and stylish appeal of glass doors, make sure to consider your specific needs and preferences.

If you are interested in purchasing a fiber door or glass door, we recommend reaching out to reputable suppliers and manufacturers who can provide you with the latest prices and options available in your area.


  1. Are fiber doors suitable for outdoor use?
    Yes, fiber doors are highly resistant to moisture, rot, warping, termites, and other pests, making them ideal for outdoor use, especially in areas with harsh climates.
  2. Do fiber doors require a lot of maintenance?
    No, fiber doors require minimal maintenance compared to wooden or metal doors. They do not need regular painting or staining, and they are resistant to termites, rot, and corrosion.
  3. Can glass doors be customized according to specific designs?
    Yes, glass doors come in a variety of designs, including framed, frameless, sliding, and folding options.

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