PPRC Pipe, PVC Pipe & Fitting Price in Pakistan 2024 Rate List

PPRC or Polypropylene Random Copolymer pipes are a popular choice for plumbing and irrigation systems due to their corrosion resistance and durability. Made from thermoplastic materials, PPRC pipes offer high strength yet are lightweight for easy installation.

PPRC Pipe Sizes and Prices Today 2024 (May)

PPRC pipes come in standard sizes from 20mm to 110mm diameter. Below table lists the current retail prices per meter:

Pipe Diameter (mm)Price Range (Rs/m)

PPRC Pipe Manufacturers

Some major domestic manufacturers are listed below:

BrandProduction Facilities
Dura PPRCKarachi, Lahore
Galaxy PipesIslamabad, Peshawar
Master PipesFaisalabad, Multan
Unique PipesHyderabad, Sukkur
Popular PipesGujranwala, Sialkot
Decent CorporationRawalpindi, Quetta

Key PPRC Features

Pressure ResistanceUp to 16-20 bars
DurabilityLifespan over 50 years
Temperature Resistance-5°C to 50°C
Chemical ResistanceResists corrosion, rust
InstallationJointless, push-fit design

PPRC Applications

PPRC widely used in plumbing, irrigation, industries for applications like water supply, drainage, process piping, heating systems and more. It ensures great value and reliability for projects in Pakistan.

PVC Pipe Prices

PVC or polyvinyl chloride pipe is a cost-effective solution for plumbing applications. It is resistant to moisture and corrosion. Here are the current price rates of PVC pipes:

1-inch PVC Pipe Prices:

  • 10 feet pipe: Rs. 350
  • 13 feet pipe: Rs. 450

11⁄4-inch PVC Pipe Prices:

  • 10 feet pipe: Rs. 550
  • 13 feet pipe: Rs. 650

2-inch PVC Pipe Prices:

  • 10 feet pipe: Rs. 600
  • 13 feet pipe: Rs. 750

3-inch PVC Pipe Prices:

  • 13 feet pipe: Rs. 1,700

PVC and PPRC Fittings Price List

Common fittings and their price ranges:

FittingPrice Range (Rs)
Gate Valves450-800
Plug Valves20-60
End Caps25-50

Fittings like elbows, tees, sockets etc. come in various sizes to match pipe diameters. Here are their current market rates:

1-inch PVC/PPRC Fittings: Rs. 20-80
11⁄4-inch PVC/PPRC Fittings: Rs. 30-100
2-inch PVC/PPRC Fittings: Rs. 50-150
3-inch PVC/PPRC Fittings: Rs. 100-250

I hope this comprehensive price list helps you find the best rates for PPRC, PVC pipes and fittings for your construction or plumbing projects.

Here are some frequently asked questions about PPRC and PVC pipes in Pakistan:

What is the difference between PPRC and PVC pipes?

PPRC pipes are made of polypropylene and can withstand higher water pressures. They are more durable but also more expensive than PVC pipes. PVC pipes are made from vinyl chloride and offer corrosion resistance at a lower cost.

Which type of pipe is best for plumbing use?

Both PPRC and PVC pipes can be used for plumbing. PPRC is generally preferred for main water lines due to its pressure handling capability. PVC is sufficient for most indoor plumbing and drain lines that don’t face high pressures.

Can PPRC/PVC pipes be used for drinking water?

PVC pipes are widely used now for municipal and household drinking water distribution after being treated with certain plasticizers. PPRC pipes are not recommended for potable water applications as polypropylene is not as chemically inert as PVC.

What is the expected lifespan of PPRC/PVC pipes?

Properly installed and maintained PPRC pipes can last 50-70 years. PVC pipes also have a long service life of 30-50 years depending on application and environmental factors. Both greatly outlast traditional metal pipes if installed as per specifications.

How do I identify genuine PPRC and PVC pipes?

Look for branded pipes from reputable manufacturers. Check for ISI marks and specifications stenciled on the pipes. Avoid substandard pipes as they may not meet pressure or quality standards over the long run.

What size of PPRC/PVC pipe is required for my application?

The required pipe size depends on factors like water pressure, discharge rates and pipe runs. Consult an experienced plumber or hydraulic engineer to determine the optimal pipe diameter as per your project needs.

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