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If you’re looking to buy silver in Pakistan, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest silver rates. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with the current silver prices in Pakistan, covering various purity levels and measurement units.

Pakistan Silver Price Live – Today’s Rates

Accessing live silver rates in Pakistan is now easier than ever. According to the latest data from and, here are the current silver prices in Pakistani rupees (PKR):

Silver Price per Gram in Pakistan

Silver TypeRate per TolaRate per GramRate per OunceRate per Kilogram
24KRs. 2,938Rs. 252Rs. 7,834Rs. 251,874
22KRs. 2,717Rs. 233Rs. 7,247Rs. 232,983
21KRs. 2,571Rs. 220Rs. 6,855Rs. 220,389
18KRs. 2,350Rs. 201Rs. 6,267Rs. 201,499

Silver Rates Across Major Cities in Pakistan

CitySilver per TolaSilver per 10 Grams
KarachiPKR 2,550PKR 2,186
LahorePKR 2,550PKR 2,186
IslamabadPKR 2,550PKR 2,186
RawalpindiPKR 2,550PKR 2,186
FaisalabadPKR 2,550PKR 2,186


Staying informed about the latest silver prices in Pakistan is crucial for investors, jewelry makers, and individuals looking to make informed decisions in the silver market. Use the information provided in this article to track the current Chandi rates and make the best choices for your silver-related needs

Q: How much is 1 Tola of Silver in Pakistan?

A: 1 Tola of silver in Pakistan is equivalent to approximately 11.66 grams. The current price of 1 Tola of 24K (999) silver is PKR 2,938.

Q: What is the price of 1 kg of Silver in Pakistan?

A: The price of 1 kg of 24K (999) silver in Pakistan is PKR 251,874.

Q: How many grams are in 5 Tolas of Silver?

A: 5 Tolas of silver is equivalent to approximately 58.3 grams.

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