Upvc, Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan Today Rate List

Choosing New Windows for Your Home

Have you been thinking of replacing the old windows in your house? There are many good reasons to upgrade to new windows. Old windows can let in too much heat or cold. They may also be broken or damaged. This makes your home uncomfortable.

When it’s time for new windows, there are two main options in Pakistan – UPVC windows and aluminum windows. Both have good qualities. Let’s learn more about each type so you can pick the best windows for your needs.

UPVC Windows

UPVC windows are made from a strong plastic called PVC. They don’t rust or break down from weather like other materials. UPVC is very insulating too. It keeps homes cool in summer and warm in winter. This saves money on electricity bills.

UPVC windows require little maintenance as well. You don’t have to clean them often. They stay looking new for many years. However, UPVC windows usually cost a little more than aluminum at first.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are lightweight and easy to install. They come in lots of colors and styles so you can choose what you like best. Aluminum doesn’t rust either, so it works well even near the ocean.

While aluminum windows are initially cheaper than UPVC, they don’t insulate as well. This means more heat can pass through in summer and winter. Aluminum also needs cleaning more to prevent dirt build up.

Aluminum Windows Price List

CompaniesPrice Per Square Feet
Chawla AluminiumRS. 1450-1650
Standard AluminiumRS. 1300-1600
GR AluminiumRS. 1200-1450
Prime AluminiumRS. 1450-1700
Master AluminumRS. 1350-1600

Prices and Choosing

Good quality UPVC windows cost about 1200-2000 rupees per square foot. Aluminum is usually 1400-1700 rupees per square foot. The exact price depends on size, brand and other factors.

Consider your budget, needs for insulation and maintenance when deciding. Both types of windows can last many years if installed properly. I hope this helps you pick new windows to enjoy your home more!

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