AC Price in Pakistan | Inverter, 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton

If you’re looking to buy a new air conditioner, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the latest AC prices in Pakistan for different models categorized by tonnage and technology.

Inverter ACs have become quite popular due to their energy efficiency. These units adjust the cooling output based on room temperature for lower electricity bills compared to regular ACs. Let’s take a look at some top inverter AC options currently available:

Haier Inverter Ac Rate List (May) 2024:

ModelPrice (PKR)
HSU-18HFCF 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter154,999
HSU-18HDG 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter Wall Type171,999
HSU-12HFCF 1.0 Ton Smart Inverter131,999
Solar Hybrid 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool329,999
HSU-18HFAA/012US-DC Inverter 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool124,999

Inverter Ac by LG Prices in Pakistan (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
AC18bq 1.5 Ton ArtCool Mirror Heat & Cool Inverter289,999
AC24BQ 2 Ton ArtCool Mirror Heat & Cool Inverter394,999
Dual Inverter 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool129,999

Gree Inverter Ac Rate List 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
24pith11s 2.0 Ton Heat & Cool Wall Mount Inverter AC264,999
GS-18CITH12G 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter155,999
GS-12CITH3G 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter121,999
GS-12CITH8G 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter119,999
GS-12LM4 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter109,999
GS-12AITH11S 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter124,999

Kenwood AC Prices 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
KES-1848S 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter147,999
eSmart Plus KES-1220S Inverter 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool109,999

Dawlance Inverter Ac Price List 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
Inspire Plus 30 Inverter154,999
LVS Plus 30 Inverter104,999

Orient Inverter Ac Price List 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
Ultron Plus 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter[Price not available]
Supreme DC Inverter 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool138,999
Ultron Hyper DC Inverter 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool117,999

Mitsubishi Electric Inverter AC Price List 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
MSZ-HJ50VA 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter212,000

Samsung AC Prices 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
AR18NSPXS 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter164,999

Changhong Ruba Inverter Ac Rate List According to 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
CSDH-18HCR 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter154,999
CSDH-12HCR 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter109,999

TCL Inverter Price List 2024(May) :

ModelPrice (PKR)
TAC-18CSA/V 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter144,999
TAC-12CSA/V 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter107,999

Pel Inverter AC Price 2024 (May):

ModelPrice (PKR)
PSHH-18K 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter139,999
PSHH-12K 1.0 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter114,999

Electrolux Ac Inverter Rate List(May) :

ModelPrice (PKR)
EACS-18CINV/S 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Inverter155,000


This gives you an overview of the leading brands and popular inverter AC models currently available within the 1-ton, 1.5-ton and 2-ton categories. I hope this guide helps you find the right air conditioner at the best price.

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