Air Cooler Price in Pakistan | Updated Rate List

In this article, we will explore how air coolers offer an affordable and sustainable solution for cooling homes across Pakistan during the hot summer months. As temperatures continue rising each year, many families are seeking economical alternatives to expensive air conditioning.

Understanding Air Cooler Technology

We will first explain how evaporative cooling works and the energy savings it provides compared to refrigerant-based AC units. This section outlines the basic operating principles.

Air Cooler Prices in Pakistan

Here, a breakdown is given of the various price points consumers can expect based on features, size, and brand when shopping for an air cooler locally. Budget options as well as premium models are discussed.

BrandModelMaximum Price (PKR) in MarketMinimum Price (PKR) in Market
Super AsiaECM-5000₨32,800₨28,900
Super AsiaECM-4900 Plus Inverter AC DC₨35,200₨31,000
Super AsiaECM 6500 Plus₨34,800₨30,599
Super AsiaECM6500 Auto Inverter₨46,200₨40,600
Super AsiaECM-4600 Auto Inverter₨38,900₨34,199
Super AsiaECM – 5000 Auto Inverter Cool Star₨43,900₨38,600
NasGasNAC-9800 DC 12 Volt Solar₨24,700₨21,735
NasGasNAC-2100 40 Liters Inverter Room Air Cooler₨20,700₨18,135
BossECM-9000XL Plus Ice Box₨35,227₨31,000
OceanWAC-5555 SQ₨33,000₨29,000
OceanWAC-202 with Ice Box₨29,600₨26,000
OceanWAC-101 Ice Box₨30,200₨26,500
GFCGF-6600 Deluxe BLDC Inverter₨37,500₨33,000
Super AsiaECS-8000 Met Cooling Pad₨55,300₨48,600
Super AsiaECM-4600 Plus Inverter₨37,200₨32,700
Super AsiaECM4900 PLUS₨30,500₨26,800
Super AsiaECM4500 PLUS₨28,800₨25,300
Super AsiaECM4600 PLUS DC₨24,600₨21,600
Super AsiaECM4600 PLUS₨28,900₨25,400
Super AsiaECM4500 PLUS DC₨24,500₨21,500
Super AsiaJC777 Plus₨30,700₨26,999
Super AsiaECM5000 Plus₨32,900₨28,899

Choosing the Right Cooler Size

This section focuses on the importance of properly matching a cooler’s capacity to the area being cooled. Advice is offered on selecting units suitable for whole homes or individual rooms.

Running Cost Savings Over Time

Data is presented here showing typical electricity bill increases are minimal with regular air cooler usage versus expensive AC repairs down the road.

Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Key tips are provided on proper long-term care like cleaning, filter changes, and inspections to maximize a cooler’s lifespan.

Additional Benefits of Air Coolers

Beyond energy savings, factors like improved indoor air quality, greater affordability, and reduced environmental impact are explored.


We summarize how evaporative coolers offer Pakistani families a practical solution for staying comfortable in the summer heat without breaking household budgets.

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