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If you’re looking for a low-maintenance lawn alternative, artificial grass is a great option. As someone who has researched this topic extensively, I want to provide a more in-depth overview of artificial turf prices and varieties available in Pakistan.

What Factors Affect Artificial Grass Prices?

Several elements influence the cost of artificial grass installations. Higher quality turf that features thicker blades, more realistic textures and longer durability will understandably be more expensive. Well-known brands also tend to charge higher prices due to their reputation.

The size of the area you need covered also impacts pricing, as larger spaces require more material. Installation methods factor in as well – glue-down turf that is permanently adhered to the surface is more secure but also more difficult to replace sections as needed. DIY non-glue options are less expensive to install but require more skill.

Comparing Products

There are different pile heights or blade thicknesses to choose from. Thicker fakes look greener but are more costly. Make sure whatever you pick is UV-resistant for our climate. Some sellers may offer customization like logos too, driving the cost up. I’d recommend checking reviews for Bindas Collection, Tijarat Online or Best Decoration brands.

Benefits of Choosing Fake Grass

Once established, artificial lawns are extremely low maintenance compared to real grass. You won’t need to spend time watering, mowing, weeding or applying fertilizers and pesticides. This saves both money and water resources over time. Synthetic turf also stays lush and green year-round regardless of weather conditions.

Many varieties are pet-friendly as well, with features like drainage, stain resistance and soft blades that are safer for children to play on. Overall, artificial grass provides an attractive, durable and eco-friendly alternative to natural lawns.

Maintenance Perks

Once installed, artificial lawns are a breeze to care for versus real grass. No mowing, watering or fertilizing needed. This saves time, effort and our water resources. It stays lush and green year-round no matter the weather. Many varieties are also pet-friendly which is a nice bonus for furry family members.

Fake Grass Rate List in Pakistan Updated (May 2024)

SR NOTypePrice
1Artificial Grass -20Mm Real Feel American Grass – Tijarat Online284 Rs
2American Grass -20Mm from Bindas Collection Artificial Grass287 Rs
3Best Decoration Piece for your home and office – Artificial Green Plant with Pot390 Rs
4Artificial Grass Carpet 18 X 24 inch, Artificial Grass Carpet for Room, Garden, Lawn, & Balcony1656 Rs
520mm Artificial Grass with Natural Feel2239 Rs

With the right turf choice and installation, artificial lawns provide an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to real grass. Their low upkeep frees up time otherwise spent on mowing and watering. 

How long does fake grass last in Pakistan’s climate?

High-quality turf can survive 10+ years with proper care. Lower grades may deteriorate faster.

What’s the difference between glue and non-glue installation?

Glue downs are more secure but harder to replace, while non-glue lets sections be removed independently.

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