Cement Price Today in Pakistan

Cement Prices per 50kg Bag in PKR

Serial NoCompaniesPrice/50kg Bag
1BestWay Cement RateRS. 1,460-1,470
2Pakcem Cement RateRS. 1,470-1,480
3DG Khan Cement RateRS. 1,470-1,460
4Fauji Cement RateRS. 1,460-1,470
5Lucky Cement RateRS. 1,455-1,465
6Kohat Cement RateRS. 1,450-1,460
7Cherat Cement RateRS. 1,455-1,465
8Maple Leaf Cement RateRS. 1,470-1,480
9Power cement RateRS. 1,460-1,470
10Askari cement RateRS. 1,455-1,465
11Pioneer Cement RateRS. 1,450-1,460
12Paidar Cement RateRS. 1,450-1,460
13Falcon Cement RateRS. 1,455-1,465
14Flaying Pakistan RateRS. 1,435-1,445

Cement prices in Pakistan fluctuate due to various factors such as production costs, demand and supply dynamics, transportation expenses, and economic conditions.

Factors Influencing Cement Prices

  1. Raw Material Costs: Prices of raw materials such as limestone, clay, and gypsum impact production costs.
  2. Transportation Expenses: Fluctuating fuel prices and transportation infrastructure affect overall pricing.
  3. Market Demand and Supply: High demand during peak construction seasons can lead to price increases.
  4. Economic Factors: Inflation rates, currency exchange rates, and general economic conditions influence cement prices.
  5. Government Policies: Import/export regulations and taxes can affect production costs and pricing.

FAQs about Cement in Pakistan

Q1: What is the current cement price in Pakistan?

As of June 2024, cement prices in Pakistan range from approximately Rs. 1,095 to Rs. 1,150 per 50kg bag, depending on the brand.

Q2: How much does one bag of cement cost in Pakistan?

The cost of a 50kg bag of cement varies by brand, ranging from Rs. 1,400 to Rs. 1,600

Q3: What is the cost of 1 kg of cement?

The price of 1 kg of cement can be calculated by dividing the price of a 50kg bag by 50.

Q4: How often do cement prices change?

Cement prices can change frequently due to market conditions, seasonal demand, and economic factors.

Q5: How can consumers stay updated on cement prices?

Consumers can check with local retailers, construction material suppliers, or online platforms for real-time price updates.

Q6: Do cement prices affect construction project budgets?

Yes, fluctuations in cement prices can significantly impact construction project budgets and financial planning.

Q7: Are there any government regulations influencing cement prices?

Yes, government policies, including taxes and import/export regulations, can impact cement prices.

Q8: What are the different types of cement available in Pakistan?

Pakistan offers various types of cement, including Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC), and White Cement.

Q9: What factors should I consider when selecting a cement brand?

Consider the brand’s reputation, quality certifications, strength characteristics, price, and suitability for your specific project

Q10: Are there any alternative construction materials to cement?

Yes, alternatives like fly ash, lime, and gypsum-based materials can be used in specific applications.

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