Crush Rate in Pakistan | Bajri Rates Updated List

Crush, also known as bajri, plays a vital role in the construction industry in Pakistan. This important material is used widely in commercial and residential projects for its strength and durability.

What is crush/bajri?

Crush refers to crushed stone or gravel that is processed by breaking larger rocks into smaller pieces. It comes in various sizes, with the smaller crushed rock particles called bajri in local terminology.

Main uses of crush/bajri

Some key applications of crush/bajri in construction include:

  • Road and street construction: It forms the base layer for paving roads, pavements, and driveways.
  • Foundations and basements: Crush provides a stable base for buildings to be constructed upon. It bears heavy loads well.
  • Concrete mixtures: Crush is often mixed with sand, cement, and steel bars to produce strong concrete for floors, walls and rooftops.
  • Drainage layers: A crush base allows for proper drainage and ventilation under structures.

Crush (Bajri) Price in Pakistan 2024 Price List (May)

Bajri TypesSizeUnitPrice
Margalla Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRs. 130
Margalla Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 26,000
Margalla Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 117,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 135
Margalla Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 27,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 121,500
Sargodha Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRS. 120
Sargodha Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 24,000
Sargodha Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 108,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 125
Sargodha Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 25,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 112,500

Why is it so important?

Compared to other materials like mud, crush offers higher load-bearing capacity and durability. Its angular shape interlocks tightly in mixtures, enhancing strength. Over time, it has become an essential part of modern construction techniques in Pakistan.

Tips for safe handling

When working with or transporting crush, following basic safety precautions can prevent injuries: wearing gloves, boots, and eye protection as needed. Proper lifting techniques also reduce risk of strains. Storing crush away from other materials maintains its quality.

Sourcing crush responsibly

While it is a necessary construction component, over-quarrying can harm the environment if not managed sustainably. Supporting vendors with responsible quarrying and recycling practices helps conserve resources for future infrastructure development.

In conclusion, crush/bajri plays an invaluable role in Pakistan’s construction sector due to its strength and versatility. With growing infrastructure needs, responsibly sourced crush will remain important for building a sustainable future.

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