Iron Price In Pakistan Today | Scrap, loha Rate List

As of May 14, 2024, the scrap iron rates in Pakistan have shown some fluctuation compared to the previous month. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the current scrap iron and metal prices across different categories:

Scrap Product NamePrice Per KG
Battery Scrap RateRS. 420 to RS. 445
Steel Scrap RateRS. 240 to RS. 260
Frig/Ac Compressor Scrap RateRS. 395 to RS. 415
Brass Scrap RateRS. 1475 to RS. 1485
Aluminium Scrap PriceRS. 1075 to RS. 1100
Old Loha Scrap RateRS. 180 to RS. 190
Plastic Pepsi Bottle PriceRS. 445 to RS. 450
Silver Scrap PriceRS. 520 to RS. 530
Nigar Scrap RatesRS. 180 to RS. 185
Radi Kaghaz Scrap RateRS. 58 to RS. 65
Copper Scrap RateRS. 2385 to RS. 2400
Plastic Scrap RateRS. 70 to RS. 85


Pakistan’s scrap iron and metal rates have seen some fluctuations in recent months, but remain relatively stable overall. By monitoring these rates, construction professionals and scrap dealers can make informed decisions and ensure cost-effective operations. Stay tuned to JBMS.PK for the latest updates on the country’s scrap iron and metal prices.

What is the scrap rate of iron in Punjab today?

The scrap rate of iron in Punjab is on average between RS. 180 to RS. 190 per kg.

What is the price of 1 kg of iron?

The price of iron per kg in Pakistan as of May 2024 is around RS. 250.7 per kg.

Can you sell silver for scrap?

Yes, you can sell silver for scrap. Silver scrap is being purchased at rates ranging from RS. 520 to RS. 530 per kg.

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