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Established as a leader in the transportation industry, Matyana Movers has earned the trust of countless travelers in the Punjab region of Pakistan. With a steadfast commitment to passenger comfort, safety, and convenience, this privately owned luxury bus service has become the preferred choice for those seeking a premium travel experience.

Diverse Bus Categories to Cater to Your Preferences

Matyana Movers offers a diverse range of bus categories to cater to the varying needs and budgets of its passengers in Punjab. From the economical Standard Class to the luxurious Executive Plus, the company ensures that every traveler can find a service that suits their preferences.

Bus CategoryDetails
StandardDaewoo 116 Model Buses with basic amenities
ExecutiveLatest HIGER Buses with more legroom and VOD system
Executive PlusSofa seats, VOD system, and massager seats for ultimate comfort

Comprehensive Route Network Connecting Major Destinations

Matyana Movers’ extensive route network covers key cities across the Punjab region, including Lahore, Arifwala, Bahawalnagar, Chishtian, and Haroonabad, among others. This comprehensive network ensures that passengers can seamlessly connect to their desired destinations, whether for work or leisure.

The company’s well-maintained fleet of buses and experienced drivers prioritize on-time departures and arrivals, providing a smooth and reliable travel experience.

Competitive Ticket Prices and Flexible Scheduling

Matyana Movers offers competitive ticket prices across its various bus categories and routes in Punjab, ensuring affordability and value for money. Here’s a sample of the ticket prices for some popular destinations:

RouteStandardExecutiveExecutive Plus
Lahore to ArifwalaPKR 500PKR 650PKR 800
Lahore to BahawalnagarPKR 800PKR 950PKR 1,100
Lahore to ChishtianPKR 600PKR 750PKR 900
Lahore to HaroonabadPKR 700PKR 850PKR 1,000

To cater to the diverse travel needs of passengers, Matyana Movers operates a flexible schedule with multiple departure and arrival timings throughout the day. This flexibility allows travelers to plan their journeys according to their preferences and commitments.

Seamless Online Booking Experience

Matyana Movers has embraced the digital age by providing an online booking platform, making it easier for passengers in Punjab to secure their tickets. Powered by the platform, the online booking system offers a user-friendly interface and a range of payment options, including Easypaisa and credit/debit cards.

Currently, online booking is available for the following destinations: Lahore, Arifwala, Bahawalnagar, Chishtian, Haroonabad, and Fortabbas.

Terminals and Contact Information

Matyana Movers operates strategically located terminals in key cities across Punjab, ensuring convenient access for its passengers. Here are the details of the main terminal and the company’s head office contact information:

Abdullah Terminal, LahoreAbdullah Terminal at Band Road Lahore03111444287

Head Office:
Address: Abdullah Travels, Band Road Lahore, Pakistan
Contact: UAN 03111444287

Location on Google Maps:

Elevate Your Travel Experience with Matyana Movers’ Premium Services

Matyana Movers has firmly established itself as a premier provider of luxury bus services in the Punjab region of Pakistan. With its unwavering commitment to passenger comfort, safety, and convenience, the company has set a new benchmark in the transportation industry.

Whether you’re commuting for work or embarking on a leisure trip, Matyana Movers’ diverse range of bus categories, competitive pricing, and user-friendly online booking system cater to your every need. Embrace the convenience and comfort of Matyana Movers’ comprehensive route network and elevate your travel experience to new heights.

Trust Matyana Movers to be your reliable partner on the road, and unlock a world of seamless connectivity across the vibrant cities of Punjab.


Experience the exceptional comfort, safety, and convenience of Matyana Movers, the premier luxury bus service in Punjab. With diverse bus categories, competitive prices, a comprehensive route network, and a user-friendly online booking platform, Matyana Movers ensures a seamless and reliable journey for every traveler. Trust Matyana Movers for your travels across Punjab and elevate your travel experience.

What are the different bus categories offered by Matyana Movers in Punjab?

Matyana Movers offers three main bus categories in Punjab: Standard, Executive, and Executive Plus.

How can I book tickets online for Matyana Movers buses?

You can book Matyana Movers bus tickets online through the platform. Simply visit the website, select your desired route and travel date, and complete the booking process.

What are the ticket prices for the Lahore to Arifwala route on Matyana Movers buses?

The ticket prices for the Lahore to Arifwala route on Matyana Movers buses range from PKR 500 for the Standard category to PKR 800 for the Executive Plus category.

Does Matyana Movers have terminals in other cities besides Lahore?

Yes, Matyana Movers has terminals in various cities across Punjab, including Arifwala, Bahawalnagar, Chishtian, and Haroonabad

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