Sand Paper Price Today in Pakistan Price list

Latest Sand Paper Rate List May 2024

60 NumberRed NormalRS 70
80 NumberRed NormalRS 75
100 NumberRed NormalRS 75
120 NumberRed NormalRS 80
100 NumberWater ProfRS 80
120 NumberWater ProfRS 85
150 NumberWater ProfRS 85
220 NumberWater ProfRS 90
320 NumberWater ProfRS 90
Per FootRollRS 100 to 150

Understanding Sandpaper Terminology

Before getting into the different types and grit sizes, let’s first clarify some basic sandpaper terminology:

  • Grit refers to the coarseness of the abrasive particles on the sandpaper surface. Lower grit = coarser/rougher; higher grit = finer/smoother.
  • Type refers to the classification based on the grit size range – coarse, medium, fine, extra fine.

Sandpaper Types by Grit Size

Coarse Sandpapers (15-40 Grit)
Used for: Heavy-duty material removal like shaping wood or removing thick paint
Price Range: Rs. 50-60

Medium Sandpapers (40-100 Grit)
Used for: General purpose smoothing and preparing surfaces
Price Range: Rs. 70-80

Fine Sandpapers (100-320 Grit)
Used for: Refining surfaces before finishing or painting
Price Range: Rs. 80-120

Extra Fine Sandpapers (400-2000 Grit)
Used for: Achieving a polished, high-shine finish
Price Range: Rs. 100-200

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