Spray Paint Price in Pakistan 2024 | Mubah Paint Rate list

Whether you’re undertaking a home renovation project, crafting artwork or detailing your vehicle, spray paints offer a convenient and versatile solution for adding color and protective coatings. Here is an updated overview of spray paint prices available across Pakistan:

Domestic Brands

Mubah is a leading Pakistani brand that manufactures general purpose spray paints. As per the table below, their regular aerosol cans retail between Rs. 360-420 depending on the variety:

BrandProduct TypeQuantityPrice (Rs.)
MubahRegular Paint300g360
MubahMetallic Paint300g520
MubahChrome Paint300g420

Local general purpose spray paints without a recognizable brand name can be found for as low as Rs. 299/300g can but may lack consistency in quality.

Imported Brands

Krylon and Rust-Oleum are popular imported brands available in major cities. Their specialized spray paints tend to be priced higher but offer better performance characteristics:

BrandProduct TypeQuantityPrice (Rs.)
KrylonClear Lacquer Spray400ml590
Rust-OleumPrimer Spray400ml650-700

Automotive Brands

For automotive detailing projects, Berger, Nippon and Brighto spray paints ranging between Rs. 450-550/300g can are commonly used. Metallic and chrome effects cost Rs. 600-700.

Professional Brands

Specialized spray paints from Montana Gold, Molotow and Blick catering to artwork, murals and intricate patterns are priced from Rs. 800-1,500/300g-400ml can.

It’s important to select spray paint suitable for the application surface. Primers, lacquers and other specialty coatings cost more but often deliver superior durability and finish. Proper ventilation, safety gear and surface preparation also impact the final results. Always follow manufacturers’ guidelines for best performance. I hope this detailed price list helps you select affordable yet high quality spray paint for your next project.

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