Paint Price in Pakistan

Master Paint Price List 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion550 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter)6,700 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,150 (1-liter)3,800 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1,000 (1-liter)3,750 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg)3,600 (20-kg)

Happilac Paint Rate List 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)4,000 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion600 (1-liter)1,850 (4-liter)6,800 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)4,000 (4-liter)15,500 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1050 (1-liter)3,850 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg)3,700 (20-kg)

Alwan Paint Rate List 2024

Enamel Paint1050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion600 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter)6,700 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)3,900 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion950 (1-liter)3,650 (4-liter)14,000 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1000 (5-kg)3,600 (20-kg)

Brighto Paint Price List 2024

Enamel Paint1,050 (0.91liter)3,900 (3.64-liter)Not available
Wall emulsion610 (1-liter)1,800 (4-liter)6,800 (16-liter)
Weather Sheet1,100 (1-liter)4,000 (4-liter)15,000 (16-liter)
Plastic emulsion1,000 (1-liter)3,750 (4-liter)14,500 (16-liter)
Wall PuttyNot Available1,000 (5-kg)3,600 (20-kg)

Local Paint Price in Pakistan 2024

Local DistamperNot availableNot available500 RS (12kg)
Local DistamperNot availableNot available650 RS (18kg)
Local DistamperNot availableNot available1250 RS (24kg)
Local WeathersheetNot available1800 RS (4-liter)7000 RS (16-liter)
Local Enamel Paint600 RS (0.91-liter)2200 RS (3.64-liter)Not available
Local Wall PuttyNot availableNot available1500 to 2000 Rs (20kg)

Distemper Price in Pakistan

Distamper BrandQuantityPrice
Brighto14.75 litterRS. 6700
Brighto3.65 litterRS. 1800
Happilac14.75 litterRS 6650
Happilac3.65 litterRS 1750
Diamond14.75 litterRS. 6750
Diamond3.65 litterRS. 1820
Master14.75 litterRS. 6500
Master3.65 litterRS. 1700
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)12 KGRS. 500
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)18 KGRS. 650
Local Ditamper(Black Drumi)24 KGRS. 700
Local Ditamper(White Drumi)24 KGRS. 1250

It’s that time of year again – the scorching summer heat has me itching to give my walls a refresh. After a long winter and spring, the paint is looking tired and dull. A new coat of color is just what I need to lift my mood.

But painting is no small task, and it always seems the budget never quite stretches as far as I’d like. So before grabbing my rollers, I did some research on current paint prices to find the best options for your home. In this article, I’ll break down prices, types of paint and top brands to help you on your next painting project too.

Master Paint: A Trusted Staple for Quality and Value

As a creative consultant, I’ve relied on Master Paint for years. Their affordable pricing makes transformations accessible for all budgets, while their consistent quality ensures surfaces last.

Master’s wall emulsions are my top pick for living areas. They glide on smoothly and dry quickly without fumes. Their breathable finishes maintain a fresh look.

The weatherproof range shields exteriors perfectly. Rated for Pakistan’s extremes, these coatings maintain vivid hues for years. Construction projects love their durability and 15-year warranty.

Woodwork pops with Master’s glossy enamels. Available in over 1000 shades, clients achieve their design visions. Metallics add luxury at budget prices.

Newer additions like textured paints allow creative expression. Their stone, brick and leather effects transport clients beyond expectations.

Consumers remain loyal for Master’s reliability. Whether high-end homes or commercial spaces, surfaces retain quality over time. Costs stay low without compromising dependability.

Master makes transformations accessible. Their solutions cater to all needs, from vibrant colors to protective finishes. Quality and value stand as pillars of this trusted brand.

Happilac Paints: Versatile Solutions for Every Project

Happilac offers versatile solutions for all projects. Their plastic emulsions coat surfaces with a flexible, washable shield that withstands foot traffic.

Happilac’s weatherproof range withstands Pakistan’s climate extremes. Rated for 15 years, these durable coatings maintain vibrancy on exteriors like never before.

Wall emulsions level smoothly for seamless results. Their low-odor, quick-dry formula offers convenience without compromising on stain resistance.

Happilac’s enamels impart a beautiful gloss to woodwork, bringing designs to life. Available in over 500 long-lasting shades tailored to clients’ visions.

Contractors rely on Happilac, with competitive pricing and bulk options reducing per-liter costs. Quality coatings transform spaces affordably.

Whether renovating homes, offices or schools, Happilac’s balanced solutions complete any project beautifully and on budget. Versatile, high-performance and great value – Happilac delivers!

Alwan Paints: Unmatched Color Collections

Alwan Paints enriches projects with unparalleled color collections. Over 1500 shades inspire creativity, from subtle neutrals to vibrant pops. Special effect finishes add luxury.

Alwan’s super-smooth emulsions level seamlessly for flawless results. Their low-odor formula applies and dries without fumes or sticky textures.

The weatherproof range withstands Pakistan’s climate with a 15-year warranty. UV-resistant pigments maintain color vibrancy on exteriors for years.

Alwan’s plastic emulsions coat surfaces with a washable, flexible shield ideal for high-traffic areas. Withstands scuffs and scratches like no other.

Whether renovating the home, a boutique, or five-star hotel, Alwan’s extensive palettes bring any imaginative concept to spectacular life. Unmatched vibrancy and quality for sophisticated results.

Brighto Paints: Luxurious Finishes for High-End Projects

Brighto Paints delivers luxurious, high-end finishes for discerning clients. Their ultra-smooth emulsions level to a professional-grade sheen without brush marks or lap lines.

A specialty brand, Brighto focuses on vibrant color palettes and specialty metallic finishes. They impart luxury to high-rise condominiums, boutiques and luxury villas.

Brighto’s plastic emulsions coat surfaces with a durable, flexible shield ideal for high-traffic commercial areas. Withstand moisture and scuffing without damage.

Their super-durable weatherproof range withstands Pakistan’s elements with a 20-year warranty. Ensures vibrant protection for sophisticated exteriors like none other.

While rates are slightly higher, Brighto delivers premium, long-lasting results. For high-end residential or commercial projects, their unparalleled finishes are worth it. Luxury defined.


Which paint brand is the most affordable?

Master Paint is known for its affordability without compromising on quality.

Which paint brand offers the widest range of colors?

Alwan Paint is renowned for its extensive color range, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Which paint brand is suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces?

Brighto Paints offers versatile options that are perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Which paint brand is best in Pakistan?

There is no single best brand as your needs may vary. Some top options to consider include Master Paint, Happilac, Alwan and Brighto. Master is very affordable with reliable quality, while Happilac, Alwan and Brighto offer more premium finishes.

How many liters of paint are needed for one room?

The amount needed depends on the room size. As a general guide, a 10×10 room would require 5-8 liters of paint. A 12×12 room would need 8-10 liters. The size and number of windows/doors also impacts how much paint is required.

How much paint is needed for a 12×12 room?

A typical 12×12 room would require approximately 8-10 liters of paint depending on the wall texture and number of windows/doors. The size of the room is one factor, wall preparation and coverage rate of the specific paint are also important variables.

How much surface area can 1 liter of paint cover?

Most paints have a coverage rate of 10-12 square meters per liter on average. However, the texture of the surface being painted affects this. Smooth walls allow for 12-14 sqm coverage while rough surfaces may be 8-10 sqm per liter. Always check the manufacturer specifications.

How many liters of paint for a 3 bedroom house?

A standard 3 bedroom house measuring approximately 150-200 sqm would require 30-40 liters of paint depending on wall textures. As a very rough estimate, you may need 10 liters of paint per average sized bedroom. The number of floors and other areas will affect the final quantity.

How far does 5 liters of paint go?

5 liters of paint can cover approximately 50-60 square meters of wall space depending on the surface texture and specific paint product. On smooth plastered walls, 5 liters may cover 60-70 sqm but a textured or uneven surface may be closer to 50 sqm coverage from 5 liters.

How much paint is needed for 3 walls?

To determine paint quantities for walls, you need the length, width and height of each wall. Then calculate the total surface area in square meters and estimate 8-12 sqm coverage per liter depending on wall textures. Without dimensions, it’s impossible to say exactly how much paint 3 walls would require.

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