Sand Rate in Pakistan 2024 | Rait Rate in Pakistan

Sand is a crucial construction material used in various industries across Pakistan. In this article, we will explore the latest sand prices in the country and how they impact building projects.

Current Sand Price List (May 2024)

Here are the prevailing rates per cubic feet (cft) for different types of sand available in major markets:

Sub TotalBrandDateUnitPrice (PKR)Per CFT
1Chanab Sand A+ Trolley 1250 CFTMay-20241250 CFT9000079
2Chanab Sand B Trolley 1250 CFTMay-20241250 CFT7125062
3Chanab Sand C Trolley 1250 CFTMay-20241250 CFT6520047
4Head Qadirabad Trolley 900 CFTMay-2024900 CFT7750062
5Lawrencepur / Harrow Trolley 900 CFTMay-20241250 CFT231250188
6Ravi Sand Trolley 700 CFTMay-2024700 CFT38000700 CFT
7Ravi Gassu Trolley 900 CFTMay-2024900 CFT26000900 CFT
8Shiekhupora TrolleyMay-2024900 CFT3960052

Key Uses of Sand

Some major applications of sand include construction of buildings, bridges, factories, roads, glass/ceramic making, and more. It is mixed with cement and bajri to increase strength in structures.

Factors Affecting Prices

Demand from ongoing infrastructure projects and supply availability impact sand costs. Rates also vary with transportation costs depending on source location. Quality grades fetch different market rates.

Tips for Construction Projects

Given fluctuating prices, it’s wise to procure sand in advance to save on rising costs. Maintain quality by storing away from impurities. Time purchases based on your budget and project timelines.

Safety Measures

Protective gear like glasses and gloves should always be worn while handling sand. Sprinkling water prevents dust accumulation during storage or transportation.


Being aware of latest sand prices aids effective planning and budgeting for construction ventures. Regularly monitoring market trends helps procure supplies at optimal rates. Let me know if any other construction material rate information could be useful.

Sand FAQs: Answers for Construction Projects

Which sand is best in Pakistan?

There is no single best type as it depends on the project. For regular construction, Chanab or Head Qadirabad sands are often used due to availability and strength. Ravi sand works well for plastering. Always consult local suppliers for the top options in your area.

How much sand is in one trolley in Pakistan?

Most trolleys hold 1,200-1,500 cubic feet (cft) of sand. However, quantities can vary between cities and source locations. It’s best to confirm volumes with your specific haulage contractor.

What is the cost of Kassu in Pakistan?

Kassu or gravel prices range from Rs. 80-150 per cft depending on the source and grade. The best quality black kassu usually retails around Rs. 100-120/cft in most markets.

How much sand in 1 kg?

Approximately 1.5 liters of compacted sand weighs 1 kg. However, loose dry sand volumes may vary slightly depending on the compaction level.

How much sand is in 1 bag?

Standard polypropylene bags hold 40-50 kg of sand on average. Larger jute bags used for wholesale purchases can contain 60-80 kg per bag.

How much is 1 ton of sand?

The price of 1 metric ton (1,000 kg) of sand ranges from Rs. 4,000-7,000 based on the source and quality grade.

What is 1 load of sand?

A typical truck or trailer load capacity is 20-25 tons of sand. Smaller pickup trucks may carry 5-10 tons per load.

How big is a 1 ton bag of sand?

An industrial 1-ton bag measures around 1 cubic meter in size when filled. It is usually polywoven with heavy-duty stitching and handles.

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