Rice Rate Today🌾: Kainat, Basmati Price per 40 kg

Paddy Prices (دھان کی قیمت)

Paddy Varieties (دھان کی اقسام)Minimum Price (40 Kg دھان)Maximum Price (40 Kg دھان)
Kainat Paddy (کائنات دھان)3,900 PKR4,500 PKR
Super Paddy (سُپر دھان)4,300 PKR4,600 PKR
IRRI-6 Paddy (ایری-6 دھان)3,550 PKR3,700 PKR
IRRI-6 Paddy (Sindh)3,400 PKR3,600 PKR
IRRI-9 Paddy (ایری-9 دھان)3,400 PKR3,500 PKR
C-9 Paddy (C-9 دھان)3,400 PKR3,450 PKR
1509 Paddy (1509 دھان)3,950 PKR4,500 PKR

Paddy Kainat Price (کائنات دھان کی قیمت)

City (شہر)Minimum Price (40 Kg دھان)Maximum Price (40 Kg دھان)
Arifwala (عارف والا)4,600 PKR4,800 PKR
Burewala (بورےوالا)4,200 PKR4,500 PKR
Bahawalnagar (بہاولنگر)4,200 PKR4,800 PKR
Chishtian (چشتیاں)4,200 PKR4,490 PKR
Hasilpur (حاصل پور)4,390 PKR4,500 PKR
Haroonabad (ہارون آباد)4,200 PKR4,450 PKR
Mian Channu (میاں چنّوں)4,300 PKR4,600 PKR
Okara (اوکاڑہ)4,000 PKR4,800 PKR
Pak Pattan (پاک پتن)4,250 PKR4,480 PKR
Rahimyar Khan (رحیم یار خان)4,210 PKR4,500 PKR
Sahiwal (ساہیوال)4,400 PKR4,800 PKR
Vehari4,200 PKR4,300 PKR
Yazman (یزمان)4,190 PKR4,520 PKR

Paddy 1509 Price (دھان کی قیمت)

City (شہر)Minimum Price (40 Kg دھان)Maximum Price (40 Kg دھان)
Arifwala (عارف والا)4,320 PKR4,450 PKR
Burewala (بورےوالا)4,100 PKR4,420 PKR
Bahawalnagar (بہاولنگر)4,000 PKR4,350 PKR
Chishtian (چشتیاں)4,100 PKR4,390 PKR
Chichawatni (چیچہ وطنی)4,200 PKR4,500 PKR
Mian Channu (میاں چنّوں)4,150 PKR4,450 PKR
Okara (اوکاڑہ)4,200 PKR4,520 PKR
Pak Pattan (پاک پتن)4,000 PKR4,500 PKR
Sahiwal (ساہیوال)3,950 PKR4,400 PKR

Kainat Rice Price (کائنات چاول کی قیمت)

City (شہر)Minimum Price (40 Kg چاول)Maximum Price (40 Kg چاول)
Bahawalnagar (بہاولنگر)8,300 PKR8,500 PKR
Bahawalpur (بہاولپور)8,500 PKR8,700 PKR
Chichawatni (چیچہ وطنی)8,550 PKR8,700 PKR
Faisalabad (فیصل آباد)8,500 PKR8,700 PKR
Gujranwala (گوجرانوالہ)8,300 PKR8,500 PKR
Hasilpur (حاصل پور)8,350 PKR8,600 PKR
Haroonabad (ہارون آباد)8,300 PKR8,600 PKR
Kamoke (کامونکی)8,300 PKR8,500 PKR
Khairpur (خیر پور)8,500 PKR8,750 PKR
Lahore (لاہور)8,600 PKR8,800 PKR
Multan (ملتان)8,500 PKR8,700 PKR
Okara (اوکاڑہ)8,700 PKR9,000 PKR
Peshawar (پشاور)8,400 PKR8,700 PKR
Sargodha (سرگودھا)8,400 PKR8,600 PKR
Sahiwal (ساہیوال)8,300 PKR8,600 PKR
Layyah (لیہ)8,450 PKR8,700 PKR
Yazman (یزمان)8,300 PKR8,700 PKR

Today rice price in Pakistan starts from 4,500 Rs to 5,950 Rs. Rice price depends on the varieties of rice. There are different types of rice varieties and all rice varieties prices are different. Most popular rice varieties that cultivated in Pakistan is Kainat rice, 1509 Rice, Basmati Rice, Super Rice, IRRI 6 Rice and C-9 Rice. Kainat rice and Basmati rice are most popular rice varieties in Pakistan, and these two varieties also costly than others.

Paddy prices and Rice prices are different, we described both prices. In every city rice prices are different, we described today rice price in Pakistan.

Rice Varieties Cultivated in Pakistan

  1. Basmati Rice
    • Characteristics: Long grains, aromatic, fluffy texture.
    • Varieties: Super Basmati, Basmati 385, Basmati 370, Basmati 2000, Basmati 515, Basmati 198, Basmati 386, Basmati 1121.
    • Price: 10,500 Rs to 10,900 Rs per 40 KG.
  2. IRRI Varieties
    • Characteristics: High yield, disease resistance.
    • Varieties: IRRI-6, IRRI-9.
    • Price: Lower than Basmati.
  3. Non-Basmati Varieties
    • Characteristics: Diverse grain lengths, textures, and aromas.
    • Varieties: KS-282, KS-133.
    • Price: Lower than Basmati.

Planting Rice: Timing and Methods

  • Wetland Method: Transplanting seedlings into flooded paddies.
  • Dryland Method: Direct seeding into dry soil.

Caring for Your Rice Crop

  • Water Management: Maintain proper irrigation levels.
  • Fertilizing: Apply nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as needed.

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