Tile Bond Price in Pakistan 2024 | Latest Tile Bond Rates

Tile bonding is an essential part of any tiling project. The adhesive you choose will determine how securely your tiles adhere to the surface. As tile bonding experts, we want to provide our insights into tile bond selection and pricing.

Comparing Tile Bond Brands and Types

The table below outlines some popular tile bond options and their current prices:

Brand NameWeight  (KG)Price(PKR)
Master Tile Bond20550
PCI Tile Bond401100
Happilac Tile Bond401100
Bestway Tile Bond20540
Bestway Tile Bond401050
Metro Tile Bond20650

Factors That Impact Tile Bond Prices

Several factors influence tile bond prices in Pakistan. Brand name and quality play a role, with more reputable brands generally costing more. The size of your project matters as well – larger areas will require more material.

Installation method is another consideration. Permanently adhered glue-down options tend to be more expensive than loose-lay options. The type of surface you’re bonding to also impacts the appropriate tile bond.

Choosing the right tile bond depends on your surface, tile material and project needs. Epoxy options are best for wet areas while cement or polymer bonds work well for other applications. Always follow manufacturer instructions.

Ensuring a Durable Tile Bond

Proper surface preparation and application technique are essential to achieving a durable bond. The surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants. Apply the adhesive evenly using a notched trowel.

Allow sufficient open time before laying tiles. Use spacers for consistent grout lines. Grouting once tiles are set reinforces the bond. Finally, seal the installation to protect it from stains and moisture.

With the right tile bond product and installation method, you can be confident in a long-lasting bonded tile finish.

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