Vegetables (Sabzi) Rates Today

Vegetable Prices Today:

Vegetables (سبزیاں)Price In PKR (قیمت)Weight (وزن)
Onion (پیاز)Rs.2501kg
Tomato (ٹماٹر)Rs.501kg
Small Onion (چھوٹی پیاز)Rs.3501kg
Potato (آلو)Rs.1201kg
Cauliflower (گوبھی)Rs.2401 Piece
Carrot (گاجر)Rs.2001kg
Raw Banana (کیلا)Rs.301 Piece
Capsicum (شملہ مرچ)Rs.2501kg
Coriander Leaves (دھنیہ کے پتے)Rs.30250g
Ladies Fingers (خواتین کی انگلیاں)Rs.2501kg
Cucumber (کھیرا)Rs.501kg
Broccoli (بروکولی)Rs.501kg
Mushrooms – Button (کھمبی)Rs.1391 Pack
Cabbage (گوبھی)Rs.851kg
Beetroot (چقندر)Rs.2401kg
Green Chilli (ہری مرچ)Rs.240250gm
Ginger (ادرک)Rs.8501kg
Bottle Gourd (لوکی کی بوتل)Rs.1001 Piece
Coconut (ناریل)Rs.501 Piece
Brinjal (بیگن)Rs.2501kg
Spring Onion (بہار پیاز)Rs.240100gm
Drumstick (ڈرم اسٹک)Rs.240250gm
Garlic (لہسن)Rs.2401kg
Groundnut (مونگ پھلی)Rs.2501kg
Sweet Potato (شکر قندی)Rs.2401kg
Pumpkin (پیٹھا کدو)Rs.1391 Piece

Are you looking for the current vegetable prices in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, and other cities in Pakistan? We have got you covered! In this article, we will provide you with an extensive list of vegetables along with their updated prices. Stay informed and make smart choices while purchasing fresh produce. Let’s get started!


Keeping track of vegetable prices is essential for making informed decisions while shopping for fresh produce. In this article, we provided a comprehensive list of vegetable prices in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Multan.

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